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Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are practically indispensable to the households that have them. But though many have these appliances, few can successfully install and repair them. Garbage disposal installation and repair actually calls for plumbing and electrical skills, and as such, are tasks that only experts should handle. So if you need to get either of these done, leave it to us at Plumber Dallas.

What Garbage Disposals Do

Your garbage disposal serves one specific role: grating the food remains that you put into your kitchen sink drain. After the remains enter your disposal's grinding chamber and the shredder has reduced them to mere particles, the impeller arm and plate push them down the drain.

Don't undermine the importance of knowing how your garbage disposal works. If you know how its supposed to run, you can immediately contact us to resolve the slightest aberration.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Can you do anything to fix a broken garbage disposal? That depends on your tools, skills, and knack for preparation. Even if you're better than the average do-it-yourself plumber, you shouldn't attempt to cover major plumbing problems on your own, especially since you can opt to have us resolve them at a fair price. But if you insist on DIY plumbing work, keep this one rule in mind: keep the disposal off, lest it grind you as you work.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Maintain the cleanliness of your garbage disposal and you can stop worrying about abundant bacteria, unsavory odors, and stubborn clogs. As a bonus, you can also make sure that your disposal keeps working. Here's how:

First, remove lodged items with the use of tongs, pliers, or similar tools. Next, plug the kitchen drain, fill the sink with 2-4 inches of water, unplug the drain, then turn on your disposal. This will wash food particles down the drain, effectively cleaning it.

Clearing a clogged drain is a bit harder, since you may have to remove its trap to do it. Loosen the trap's fittings with a wrench, take off the trap, find the clog, and remove it. Can't locate the clog? Then you should consider using an auger or plumber's snake to clear your drain. Better yet, contact us and we'll clean and clear your drain for you. Our services will get the job done with no muss and no fuss. For a reasonable fee, we can do away with all your disposal's problems and stave off trouble in the future.

Garbage Disposal Plumbing Services

Once your drain is clean and clear, take the time to freshen up. Put a few citrus peels into your disposal, pour cold water down the drain, and switch on the power. Give us a call for more useful tips.

You can also contact us to ask about garbage disposal repair, maintenance, or installation, or to request for our plumbing services. As your plumbing guide and plumbing service provider, Plumber Dallas will be happy to accommodate your needs.