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Piping & Fittings

Like every other plumbing system, yours is comprised of piping and fittings. The former brings clean water into your home, and carries wastewater out of it. The latter connects your pipes, allows them to turn corners and branch out in different directions, and even lets them change size to suit the structure and requirements of your building.

If you have any problems with pipes or fittings, we at Plumber Dallas can offer you efficient and affordable solutions. Trust us to repair, replace, or install new pipe lines in your home, and we promise you won't be let down. Our expertise allows us to handle plumbing work with ease, and even educate you on piping and fittings so you can take on minor problems yourself.

Learning About Pipes and Fittings

Most water supply lines are made of copper or plastic, and have diameters equal to 3 mm, 2 cm, or 2.5 cm. Pipes made of copper have greater tolerance to various damages and the build up of minerals, while pipes made of plastic have the advantage in terms of ease, price, and corrosion (plastic can't rust). Pipes made of iron or plastic (more commonly the latter) with 4 to 10 cm diameters are normally used in sewage lines.

There are two predominant types of piping fittings: brass and plastic pipe fittings. The material of pipes decide the materials of their respective fittings. Pipes and their fittings must be made of complementary materials, otherwise there is a risk of improper sealing and hazardous chemical reactions.

Plumber Dallas can provide you with extensive information on pipes and fittings. Contact us to learn more about them.

Solutions for Piping and Fittings

There are several characteristic pipe problems that can wreak havoc on your plumbing system.

Something as simple as a pipe leak can affect water flow and pressure in your entire household. The solution to this common problem is either pipe repair or replacement, carried out by a professional plumber in Dallas. Each Plumber Dallas team member can fix pipe leaks within minutes of your call. For temporary relief before help arrives, you can use waterproof tape to seal the leak.

Pipe sweating, another typical pipe problem, is the unwanted formation of moisture on the exterior of a pipe, caused by the divergent temperature of the pipe's water (cold) and the air surrounding the pipe (hot). Placing self-adhesive tape around the pipe and its fittings can help quell the problem, but it's not the ideal solution. If you're struggling with pipe sweating, it's best to call us to properly insulate your pipes.

You can also prevent pipe bursts if your pipes have adequate insulation. These problems occur when the water in your pipes freezes and expands. Though using heat tapes and cables for insulation can work to your advantage, availing of our plumbing services can give your pipes much better protection.

Comprehensive Plumbing Services

Contact us for more information about our services. We also offer emergency plumbing service, as well as instructions on finding pipes and plumbing fittings online.