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Toilet Installation and Repair

Among all household plumbing fixtures, toilets are those that are usually in high demand. Such is why many homes have more than one toilet, and why toilet troubles should never be kept waiting. As members of Plumber Dallas' elite, we can resolve your toilet's problems with our exemplary plumbing services, and even assist you in DIY toilet installation, toilet tank repair, and toilet maintenance.

Toilet Work & Plumbing Services

Before you can even hope to do something with your toilet, however, you must first be able to understand it. In addition to rendering extensive services, we are also willing to teach you about the mechanics of your toilet.

When you push down your toilet's handle, the chain it is linked to tugs on the flush valve inside the toilet tank, uncovering the tank's drain hole. Approximately two gallons of water speeds down this hole and into the toilet bowl, which activates the bowl's siphon, which, in turn, draws the water and waste material into and down the drain pipe.

Inside the tank, the filler float drops along with the tank's water level. The tank's refill valve responds to the float's descent by filling the tank and bowl with water. The float rises with the tank's water level and signals the refill valve to stop. In case it doesn't, though, flooding will be prevented by the tank's overflow tube.

Should any of these parts fail to do their job or should any other problems arise, don't spare a minute in contacting us. You can trust us to provide you with your ideal solutions without delay. We have answers for clogged toilets, leaking toilets, and bathroom flooding caused by overflowing toilets, among many others.

How to Install a Toilet

Interested in learning how to install a toilet on your own? Plumber Dallas personnel will be happy to help. Whether you avail of our guidance or our services, we can help you get through toilet installation without a hitch. Below is a small sample of what to do in the replacement and installation process:

Contact us for more details and information, or to install your toilet for you. Our first-rate services can complete the task in less time, and with less trouble, risk of error, and – thanks to our bargain rates – expense.

We also specialize in toilet repair and maintenance, so you're more than welcome to contact us if you want to keep your toilet in good condition. If necessary, we can find or provide the best toilet repair parts and toilet supplies on the market. Turn to Plumber Dallas and we guarantee that you will receive quality toilet service.