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Gas Line Installation

In spite of what you may think, water circulation isn't the only thing plumbing involves. The distribution of gas, which is likewise an essential commodity in the average household, is also a plumbing matter. As such, heating, cooking, and comfortable bathing (in case you have a gas water heater) is made possible only through a reliable plumber's gas line installation services.

Though the possibility of gas leaks makes running gas lines a fairly risky procedure, we at Plumber Dallas have the equipment and expertise to prepare a safe and efficient gas line layout and set up for your home even after construction, renovation, or relocation. Rest assured, we know how to install a gas line properly and have successfully completed the procedure many times over, so you can be assured of impeccable plumbing work.

About Gas Pipes

Domestic gas can originate from pipes under the street (natural gas) or storage tanks (propane gas), which are either situated beside buildings or buried below ground. Both gas types are brought to your home at low pressure.

While gas companies are the ones who run gas lines to the curb, we are the ones responsible for running the gas into your home via yellow plastic tubes. The gas lines we install inside your house will carry gas just like drainpipes carry water. Natural gas will be dispensed by black iron or steel pipes, while propane will move through copper lines.

We highly encourage you to contact us if you want to learn more about gas pipes and fuel line plumbing, or are interested in plumbing tips for gas line maintenance. With a more thorough understanding of gas and gas lines, you may be able to inform us of potential gas problems long before they develop.

Safety Measures for Gas Leaks

A few words of warning: if you can smell gas in your home, it's likely that you're dealing with a dangerous gas leak. Waste no time in turning off the main gas shutoff valve and getting us on the line, so we can alleviate the situation. While waiting for us to arrive, extinguish all fires and cinders (ex. active stoves, lit cigarettes) and resist turning electrical appliances on or off. An open flame or a single spark can trigger an explosion.

Contact us for more safety tips or to inquire about our gas line installation, repair, and maintenance services. At Plumber Dallas, we believe that safety is above all, and will do everything we can to render quality services that don't compromise that safety.