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Water Meter

The water meter is a great device to help oneself become a water sensible customer. Acquire information on how to check the water meter and track water consumption in your Dallas home.

The water meter is located outside the house in a lidded box along with a consumer-valve and a curb-stop. Public water distributors control the curb-stop while proprietors kick on or switch off water supply to their house with the consumer-valve. On the face of the water meter you will find a sweep handle, meter-register and a leak detector. The meter-register is made of black and white numbers registering water transported inside. The leak detector is a triangle or star shaped device that rotates to indicate water consumption.

Your main meter is a wonderful instrument to avail of for leak detection. Oddly high digits on the meter register indicate water wastage. Given that you take regular readings of the main meter, you may detect hidden leaks quickly and save a lot of water that otherwise only go down the drain. Elevated utility charges, constant noise of dripping water when water is turned off, warm stains on floors or cracked walls indicate water leaks in or around your home.

Verify or rule out the odds of water depletion with the meter experiment. Record the digits exhibited on your register of the meter. Refine from using water overnight. This means not showering, flushing toilets, turning on faucets, running washing machines or operating dishwashers. The next morning have a second look at your meter. Higher register digits imply water leakage in or around your property.

Act quickly in an event of water leak. Call Plumber Dallas to restore the leaking source or replace a defective fixture before severe water associated ruin arises in your home.